Weather data @ CW2 8RS

(Clouds are a very appropriate background!)

The weather data at Langdale Road in Crewe is gathered by an Davis Vantage Pro2 Wireless weather station.

The weather station consists of number of components:

1 A solar powered Integrated Sensor Suite (ISS) mounted in the garden at approx 2m from the ground, consisting of a rain gauge, a 24 hours Fan Assisted Radiation Shield (FARS) containing temperature and humitidy sensors and Solar and UV sensors. picture of iss
2 An anemometer and wind vane, mounted at approx 10m from the ground in free space. anemometer
3 An Air Quality sensor mounted on a north facing wall.  
4 A CCTV camera, with a view of the sky to the south west. This is connected to a video encoder, providing still images every 10 minutes and a live stream on request. 10 minute image
5 A console located in the house with a datalogger, which is in turn connecteced to a Lenovo L440 laptop running CumulusMX software, which shows the weather data in a graphical user interface and uploads to this website.  

The live data is received from the ISS every 2.5 seconds at the console. CumulusMX then updates the gauges page every 5 seconds and the other pages every 10 minutes.

See the live gauges here

See the dashboard here

See the all time records here

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Last updated: 7/01/21